City Helicopters bring a new view to Cape Town

Cape Town Helicopters and its fleet of modern Airbus City Helicopters allows for an improved sightseeing experience. It takes someone with vision to make tourism anywhere in the world that bit better and Cape Town Helicopters has that vision.

In the past, helicopter tours have been known to be expensive, noisy and even uncomfortable, with the introduction of the amazing airbus H-120 and H-130 aircraft Cape Town Helicopters has changed that. These true City Helicopters have allowed Cape Town Helicopters to uplift the whole helicopter flip and helicopter tourism experience considerably.

Thanks to the true City Helicopters used in the fleet Cape Town Helicopters dares to offer experiences other companies cannot provide. The low noise means that Cape Town Helicopters can fly lower and a little faster than other tours. One of the new attractions from Cape Town Helicopters is the low level Adrenaline Flight. This amazing 20-minute experience can only be achieved with true City Helicopters.

The low level Adrenaline Flight is one of the most exhilarating experiences Cape Town has to offer. Those who dare to take up this adventure will experience the true versatility of the modern helicopter. At the hands of a skilled and highly experienced pilot, the helicopter will be tipped, turned and opened to full throttle in an adventure that will never be forgotten. This unique way to see Cape Town is one well worth experiencing.

But having the best, true city helicopters isn’t just about setting the blood racing, Cape Town Helicopters is more. The quietness of the airbus helicopters means the aircraft are less intrusive and not only can they fly lower they can get closer to some of the more built up or noise sensitive areas of the City. Never before has it been possible to see the city as close up and as clear as a flip with Cape Town Helicopters can provide. Hovering, then tipping, and tilting to ensure all guests get a good view is what true city helicopters can provide.

Not only has the introduction of a modern fleet improved the choice of adventures and tours but also modern aircraft in the fleet has resulted in the cheapest helicopter flights in Cape Town. But, it goes further than that because when less fuel is used the impact on the environment is less. Cape Town Helicopters is the green choice when it comes to helicopter flights.

There is only one way to see Cape Town and that is by helicopter. With the modern fleet Cape Town Helicopters has made helicopter flights more accessible and more fun. Book your helicopter flight today, see Cape Town from a different level and see why Cape Town Helicopters is the number 1 Helicopter company in Cape Town.